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We are excited to announce our next generation of microbiological water quality tests, the Aquagenx® CBT EC+TC.

The CBT EC+TC detects or quantifies both E. coli and Total Coliforms in a 100 mL sample. Our new powder medium is easier to use and dissolves very quickly.

CBT Kits are optimal for on-site, field level testing in low resource areas. They are easy to use with little training. Color-change test results are easy to interpret.

Users now have the option to detect or quantify total coliforms that fluoresce blue under a UV light. Aquagenx provides an accessory UV flashlight that’s easy to carry.

Use the Aquagenx® CBT EC+TC in your water quality testing programs, from small projects to large scale surveys.

Improved Growth Medium


  • Detects and/or quantifies both E. coli and Total Coliforms in 100 mL
  • New powder medium dissolves 3-6 times faster than previous medium
  • Ambient temperature test results in 20-48 hours
  • Ambient temperature incubation at 25 degrees Celsius and above
  • No lab, no electricity, no cold chain needed
  • No expensive, complicated equipment needed
  • Easy to use in low resource, remote and disaster/emergency areas
  • Two-year shelf life

CBT EC+TC Presence/Absence Kit (P/A) 50-Pack

More Varieties of Aquagenx® CBT Kits


  • Presence/Absence (P/A) Kits and Most Probable Number (MPN) Kits
  • Sold in 25, 50 or 100-Packs
  • New light weight packaging is more compact and costs less to ship than our previous CBT Kits

CBT EC+TC Most Probable Number Kit (MPN) 50-Pack



Aquagenx provides helpful accessories to make field level testing with our portable test kits even simpler! Offerings include extra seal clips, barcode asset tags, UV flashlight and portable incubator for colder environments.

Mobile Data Apps


Akvo Caddisfly and mWater Surveyor smart phone apps create and geocode surveys for the CBT E. coli test, calculate test results, share real-time data and more. Move away from paper files and switch to smart phones and tablets!

How to Use P/A Kit

How to Use MPN Kit

Fast Dissolving Medium