Aquagenx GEL EC Kit

Quantifies Colony Forming Units (CFU) of E. coli in 100 mL

CFU Test Results in the Field Without Membrane Filtration Equipment


Rapid and Robust E. coli Water Quality Test Kits CFU/100 mL


Features of GEL EC CFU Kit

  • No electricity, lab, cold chain or expensive, complicated equipment required
  • Designed for on-site field testing in low resource, rural, remote and disaster/emergency areas
  • Three year shelf life of E. coli growth medium
  • Simple and easy to use
  • Blue/Blue-Purple E. coli colonies easy to identify and count
  • Upper detection limit for drinking water is 200-300 CFU of E. coli
  • Ambient temperature incubation at 25° Celsius and above
  • Ambient temperature test results in 20-48 hours
  • Works at variable temperatures, constant temperature control not required
  • Compact and lightweight, small number of consumables
  • Meets World Health Organization Guidelines for Drinking Water Quality
  • Also used to test surface waters with 1:10 Dilution 
Components included in Aquagenx GEL EC CFU Kit 50-Pack

Image: GEL EC CFU Kit 50-Pack

WHO GEL Kit Report


The World Health Organization (WHO) engaged KWR Laboratory in The Netherlands to evaluate the Aquagenx® GEL EC CFU Kit. This initiative was partly driven by the UNICEF Rapid Water Quality Testing Project. Our test was evaluated against reference method IDEXX Colilert Quanti-Tray 2000, a lab-dependent test designed for testing wastewater and surface waters. Colilert Quanti-Tray 2000 has 96 wells that can quantify up to 2419 MPN of E. coli/100 mL.

Despite the difference in sensitivity between the two tests for very high concentrations of bacteria, our GEL EC CFU Kit performs extremely well and compares favorably against Colilert Quanti-Tray 2000 in lower ranges of bacteria levels relevant to drinking water testing and quality. Our GEL test provides precise colony counts of E. coli in 100 mL samples.

The GEL EC CFU Kit also receives high marks for usability.

Sample test results for Aquagenx GEL EC CFU Kit showing blue colonies for E. coli and zero colonies for E. coli

      GEL Bag with blue E. coli colonies                  GEL Bag with zero E. coli colonies

GEL EC CFU Kit 25-Pack

Product Number: GEL-EC-CFU-25
25 samples

Kit contains:
25 Aquagenx GEL E. coli growth medium packs
25 GEL powder packs
25 100 mL Stand-Up Whirl-Pak® Thio-Bags
25 reclosable plastic GEL bags

GEL EC CFU Kit 50-Pack

Product Number: GEL-EC-CFU-50
50 samples

Kit contains:
50 Aquagenx GEL E. coli growth medium packs
50 GEL powder packs
50 100 mL Stand-Up Whirl-Pak® Thio-Bags
50 reclosable plastic GEL bags

GEL EC CFU Kit 100-Pack

Product Number: GEL-EC-CFU-100
100 samples

Kit contains:
100 Aquagenx GEL E. coli growth medium
100 GEL powder packs
100 100 mL Stand-Up Whirl-Pak® Thio-Bags
100 reclosable plastic GEL bags

Compare GEL Kit to Membrane Filtration Tests

The GEL EC CFU Kit is simple and easy to use. Users count E. coli colonies right in our GEL Bag. It does not need membrane filtration equipment, complicated procedures or intensive training.

See how our GEL EC CFU Kit compares to membrane filtration CFU water quality test kits and methods.

Instructions for Use and Resources


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GEL EC Kit Components

Single packet of Aquagenx GEL EC CFU Kit powder growth medium for E. coli

E. coli Medium

Aquagenx E. coli medium for GEL test dissolves quickly

Single Stand-Up Thio-Bag to collect 100 mL water sample

Whirl-Pak Thio-Bag

100 mL Whirl-Pak Thio-Bag for sample collection 

Single packet of GEL Powder included in medium in Aquagenx GEL AMR EC Kits

GEL Powder

GEL powder makes sample gelatinous

Single GEL Bag included in Aquagenx GEL EC CFU Kits


GEL bag holds the sample during incubation period