Accessories and Mobile Data Tools


Convenient products and apps that supplement Aquagenx® CBT Kits and simplify on-site, field level testing even more

Seal Clip

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Reusable plastic clip seals Aquagenx Compartment Bag shut to prevent leakage, particularly during transport. Extra clips are handy when running multiple samples simultaneously.


Asset Tags 

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Pack of 100 barcode asset tags are perfect to identify, track and manage water samples. Simply peel and stick one pre-printed barcode asset tag to the Aquagenx Compartment Bag or Thio-Bag.

UV Flashlight

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PC broad-spectrum UV flashlight can be used to detect total coliforms with Aquagenx EC+TC.
395 nm. Uses three AAA batteries.
1.37 x 1.37 x 4 inches
Comes with four AAA batteries.


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Portable incubator for Aquagenx CBT EC+TC Kit  when ambient temperatures remain below 25°C, our portable incubator for field testing comes with three different power supplies. Read More

10 mL Pipette

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10mL Serological Short Pipette for doing 1:10 dilutions when using the CBT EC+TC MPN Kit to test surface waters and wastewater and GEL EC CFU Kit to test surface waters. Each pipette is individually wrapped.

Akvo Caddisfly

Akvo Caddisfly is a smart phone app and data collection tool that supports the Aquagenx CBT E.coli test. Water quality data is shared in real-time and combined with GPS data, maps and surveys. All surveys are sent to the online Akvo Flow data platform for rapid data sharing, data analysis, visualization and decision making.

mWater Surveyor

mWater Surveyor is a free smart phone app the supports the Aquagenx Compartment Bag Test for E. coli. mWater is a free, open-source data platform. mWater combined with the Compartment Bag Test easily lets you create and map surveys, and calculate, collect and share water quality data in real-time.