Easy, Reliable Tests for Citizen Scientists


No labs required. Conduct on-site testing yourself.

Citizen Science Water Quality Testing


Everyone’s life is affected by water quality and access to safe water. In many countries, drinking and recreational waters are monitored by national, state and local governments. They are assisted by universities, research institutes and government-funded scientists.

However, these organizations do not have enough resources to monitor water quality in every river and watershed. Volunteer citizen scientists are a valuable asset for open collaboration with government agencies to help maintain biological, chemical and physical water quality standards.

Aquagenx Test Kits for Citizen Science

E. coli + Total Coliform Kits

E. coli + Total Coliforms test kits provide either Presence/Absence or Most Probable Number (MPN) test results.

E. coli Kits

E. coli-only kits provide Colony Forming Units (CFU) test results.

Microbial, Chemical, Physical

Field Kits combine Aquagenx microbial tests with chemical and physical tests and equipment.