Microbial Testing Without Labs and Electricity


Easily determine the health risk of drinking water





Groundwater is the water contained beneath the surface in rocks and soil, and is the water that accumulates underground in aquifers. There is over a thousand times more water in the ground than is in all the world’s rivers and lakes, according to the U.S. Geological Survey.

For millions of people in poor and developing countries, as well as in developed countries, groundwater is the most important or only source of drinking water. Groundwater also is often the most economically feasible source of drinking water.

Although groundwater quality generally is more stable the surface water quality, it is still subject to fecal contamination the poses serious health risks.

Wells and Boreholes


Water quality in wells and boreholes changes and they are potentially vulnerable to intermittent fecal contamination. Here’s how:

  • Fluctuations due to rainfall and rainfall runoff into source waters and groundwater
  • Contaminated surface water and/or groundwater enters improperly constructed well
  • Presence of animals where there are no barriers at well or borehole to protect against animal fecal contamination
  • Poor sanitary protection at the top of the borehole, no sanitary seal or well apron
  • Hand pump base doesn’t have a watertight seal where it attaches to the casing
  • Contamination at the well pump outlet (spout) from contaminated hands
  • Casing doesn’t extend far enough above the ground and surface water enters well, defective well casing and/or liner
  • Contaminated objects fall into well
  • Shallow, open wells are more susceptible to contamination
  • Intermittent septic system intrusion and/or other transient fecal source


Aquagenx Groundwater Test Kits


The presence of E. coli bacteria in groundwater is a potential health risk. Aquagenx CBT EC+TC Kits and GEL EC CFU Kits kits easily test groundwater without needing labs, electricity, intensive training and expensive, complicated equipment.

Routine microbial water quality testing of groundwater with Aquagenx test kits is now sustainable for:


  • NGOs and humanitarian aid
  • Local governments
  • Water systems
  • Community water committees
  • Private well owners
  • Homeowner associations
  • Professional water testing service providers
  • Businesses that use private wells and water sources