Detect Fecal Contamination in Surface Waters

Simple field tests for E. coli and ESBL E. coli

Water Quality Testing of Surface Waters


Fecal contamination of surface waters  originates from human, domestic, agricultural and industrial sources such as wastewater plants, sewage overflows, agricultural runoff, on-site septic systems, domestic and wild animal manure, storm runoff, improper boat waste disposal and ill or unsanitary swimmers.

A rising global public health threat is the proliferation of antimicrobial resistant ESBL E. coli in surface waters. Another risk to human health is when shellfish in marine water is contaminated by fecal pathogens. It is estimated there will be dramatic increases in the millions across the globe in the coming decades due to ESBL E. coli in surface waters.

E. coli outbreaks in fresh recreational waters are serious. County and state health departments regularly test for E. coli in fresh recreational waters to comply with regulations and avoid widespread illness. The U.S. EPA recommends E. coli as the best indicator of health risk in fresh recreational waters.


Aquagenx Test Kits for Surface Waters

AMR ESBL E. coli Kits

AMR ESBL E. coli test kits provide either Most Probable Number (MPN) or Colony Forming Units (CFU) test results.

Components in Aquagenx AMR ESBL E. coli GEL  Kit 50-Pack

E. coli + Total Coliform Kits

E. coli + Total Coliforms test kits provide either Presence/Absence or Most Probable Number (MPN) test results.

Components in Aquagenx CBT EC+TC MPN Kit 50-Pack

E. coli Kits

E. coli-only kits provide Colony Forming Units (CFU) test results.

Components in Aquagenx GEL EC CFU Kit 50-Pack

Chemical and Physical

Field Kits combine Aquagenx microbial tests with chemical and physical tests and equipment.

Components in Aquagenx Core CBT Field Kit for microbial and chemical testing