Easy Colony Counting

New and Simple Bag Field Test



Count E. coli Colonies Without Membrane Filtration


Anyone with little training can use the GEL EC CFU Kit to obtain precise colony counts of E. coli bacteria in the field. Blue/blue-purple E. coli colonies are easy to identify and count in our plastic GEL bag.

Now you can do on-site quantitative testing using our CFU (Colony Forming Units) GEL method without needing complicated membrane filtration tests and equipment.

Using just a small number of plastic consumables like our CBT EC+TC Kits, the GEL EC CFU Kit eliminates the need for laboratories, electricity, expensive equipment, a cold chain and complex testing methods. GEL Kits also enable ambient temperature incubation at 25ºC and above and work at variable temperatures.


How to Use GEL EC Kit

Spread GEL Mixture

Open and Pour Packets

How to Use GEL EC CFU Kit

Collect 100 mL sample Add EC growth medium Add GEL powder to GEL bag Pour sample into GEL bag
Dissolve and spread GEL mixture Seal GEL bag shut Incubate at ambient temperature 25º-44ºC Count blue E. coli colonies

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