Portable Water Quality Test Kits


Ideal for On-Site Testing in Low Resource Areas

No Lab Needed. Easy to Use.


Aquagenx® water quality test kits simplify on-site, field-level testing in low resource, rural and disaster/emergency areas. They remove barriers to where water quality testing was previously too difficult, impractical and costly.

Our water quality test kits are easy for anyone to use with little training. No labs, electricity, constant temperature control, expensive, complicated equipment or cold chain are needed.

Aquagenx® CBT Kits detect or quantify bacteria in a 100 mL sample. Color-change test results are easy to interpret in Presence/Absence Kits or Most Probable Number Kits.

Aquagenx® Test Kits Are Used Throughout the World

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Simplifying Field Level Water Quality Testing



charity: water

Haiti Outreach

Our use of the Aquagenx CBT in the Asia and Pacific regions has greatly improved E. coli monitoring within our programs, Our staff and partners like the simplicity of the CBT and the fact that anyone can undertake testing with very basic training and capacity.

Tim Davis


The CBT’s convenience and quantitative test results add value to water quality investigations and validate projects and programs, It is simple to use in remote locations, and its color-change test results are an excellent way to raise water quality awareness.

Stuart Bryan

Australian Red Cross

Aquagenx products offer a balance of high quality information while being easy to use. They have helped charity: water and our implementing partners understand the impact of our work. Their test kits demonstrate water points we fund have better quality than alternative sources.

Anna Murray

charity: water

The CBT builds trust for our beneficiaries by providing evidence that our water filters generate safe drinking water. Safe drinking water is essential in school environments, and the CBT is a practical way to prevent the spread of waterborne diseases in schools.

Vann Chhorvy Vanny

Clear Cambodia