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Ideal for low resource, rural and disaster/emergency areas

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The Compartment Bag Test

The Aquagenx Compartment Bag Test (CBT) is a portable water quality test kit that detects and quantifies bacteria in a 100 mL sample and determines if water poses a health risk. CBT Kits are compact, lightweight and ideal for on-site testing in the field.


Anyone can use the CBT Kit with little training. Just a few steps generate color-change, easy-to-score
quantified test results.


No electricity, labs, expensive equipment or skilled technicians are required to use the CBT Kit in low resources areas.

Our Customers Use CBT Kits Throughout the World

The CBT Kit lets us mobilize resources and make informed decisions very quickly in the face of a disaster. We will continue to use the CBT Kit in other disaster settings because of its ease of use and handling, low cost and efficiency.

Jay Matta

International Federation of Red Cross

The CBT Kit provides quick turnaround time on results, is easily transported and is easy to use in sample preparation. In addition to its low cost and rapid results, the portability of the CBT is a benefit, along with its simplicity of use.

Bill Clunie

Engineers Without Borders USA

We’ll continue using the CBT Kit because it is easy to use, interpret and share results. Its quantitative data provides evidence of the advantages and disadvantages of the different types of water supplies we can help communities develop.

Daniel Smith

Millennium Water Alliance

Our group appreciated the rapid turn-around time the CBT provides. Its quantified test results guided our thinking about disinfection effectiveness for the school’s water system. it can be used in remote field locations where there are no lab facilities and it is very convenient.

Paul Berg


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