Test Water Quality in the Field


No labs needed and easy to use

Video courtesy of The Water Project and Mariatu's Hope, working in the Port Loko District, Sierra Leone

Simplify Your Water Quality Testing


Aquagenx Water Quality Field Test Kits

Aquagenx® portable water quality test kits are easy for anyone to use:

  • No laboratories required
  • No electricity required
  • No expensive, complicated equipment required
  • No highly trained analysts required

They are ideal for water quality testing in low resource, rural, remote and disaster/emergency areas.

Our test kits only contain plastic bags and packets of our growth media. Mobile water safety testing is easier than ever with Aquagenx test kits.

Customer using the Aquagenx Compartment Bag Test (CBT) in remote location

Announcing 3 Year Shelf Life of CBT and GEL Kit E. coli Media

Aquagenx engaged a commercial laboratory to conduct a Stability Study to reevaluate the shelf life of our growth media in CBT EC+TC Kits and GEL EC CFU Kits. We are thrilled to report the Stability Study conclusively demonstrates the shelf life of both media is three years when stored properly (4-25 degrees Celsius in a dry environment). Read the Stability Study.

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