Akvo Caddisfly & Aquagenx CBT Kit

Capture better, faster water quality data

E. coli Testing and Data Collection Anywhere

The Aquagenx CBT E. coli Kit with the Akvo Caddisfly app lets you easily and instantly test water quality in the field with your smartphone no matter where you are.  Create surveys to collect on-site water quality data and other related data that is important for your analysis. All surveys are sent to the online Akvo Flow data platform for rapid data sharing, data analysis, visualization and decision making.

Microbiological Testing with Akvo Caddisfly

Akvo Caddisfly combined with the Aquagenx CBT E. coli Kit is an excellent, simple tool for small projects to large national surveys. The Android mobile app lets you simplify microbiological water quality testing:


  • Automatically calculate CBT test results – Most Probable Number (MPN) of E. coli in 100 mL sample
  • Automatically calculate Upper 95% Confidence Interval of sample results
  • Automatically calculate World Health Organization Health Risk Category of sample
  • Create and map surveys
  • Combine water quality data with GPS data, metadata and qualitative data
  • Simplify quantitative, microbiological water quality testing and data capture in the field

Akvo Caddisfly Features and Services

Akvo Caddisfly offers a wide array of parameters:


  • Colorimetry (Residual Chlorine, Fluoride, Nitrate, etc.)
  • Sensors (Electrical Conductivity, pH, Turbidity)
  • Microbiology (E. coli)
  • Strip Tests (Arsenic, Nitrate, pH, etc.)

Akvo Flow is more than a software tool. It’s part of Akvo’s ecosystem of interoperable tools, professional services, and expertise:


  • Local training
  • Survey design
  • Project planning
  • Data analysis
  • Sector expertise
  • Regional technical support

Contact Akvo with sales, partnership and technical questions.