Title: The compartment bag test (CBT) for enumerating fecal indicator bacteria: Basis for design and interpretation of results

Authors: Andrew D.Gronewold, Mark D.Sobsey, Lanakila McMahan

Published by: Science for the Total Environment​

Summary: This paper includes an overview of the statistical theory behind the Aquagenx Compartment Bag Test (CBT), followed by a description of how that theory was applied to determine an optimal CBT design.

The authors then provide recommendations for interpreting CBT results, including procedures for estimating quantiles of the FIB concentration probability distribution, and the confidence of compliance with recognized water quality guidelines. They synthesize these values in custom user-oriented ‘look-up’ tables similar to those developed for other FIB water quality testing methods.

Modified versions of the authors’ tables are distributed commercially as part of the CBT Kit’s Instructions for Use.

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