Easy and Reliable Test for Citizen Scientists


No labs required. Conduct on-site testing yourself.

Citizen Science Water Quality Monitoring


Everyone’s life is affected by water quality and access to safe water. In many countries, drinking and recreational waters are monitored by national, state and local governments. They are assisted by universities, research institutes and government-funded scientists.

However, these organizations do not have enough resources to monitor water quality in every river and watershed. Volunteer citizen scientists are a valuable asset for open collaboration with government agencies to help maintain biological, chemical and physical water quality standards.

Citizen Science Water Quality Test


The CBT EC+TC MPN Kit is an excellent tool for biological water quality testing by citizen scientists. It is a 2-in-1 test that simultaneously measures both E. coli and Total Coliforms in 100 mL samples.

Why the CBT EC+TC MPN Kit is beneficial for citizen science water quality monitoring:


  • Lab-free and electricity-free
  • Easy to use with little training
  • Lets you self-test in the field and test waters not near a lab
  • Eliminates sending samples to a lab
  • More cost effective than lab testing
  • Generates comparable test results to gold standard testing methods

Surface and Recreational Waters


The CBT EC+TC MPN Kit is easily adapted for more contaminated waters with higher concentrations of bacteria and for waters with higher allowable limits of bacteria.

This is accomplished by diluting CBT samples. The sections below provide guidance on the sample volume and diluent volume per 100 mL test.

Any dilution beyond 1:100 that still gives all positive (blue) compartments in the Aquagenx Compartment Bag means the water is very high risk and is not suitable for drinking without treatment to eliminate the presence of E. coli, or to reduce E. coli  to very low numbers.

How to Use the

Citizen Science Customer Story

The Salt River Watershed uses the Aquagenx CBT Kit so they can do biological water quality testing themselves in the field and without a lab.