The new CBT II Kit is extremely compact and light weight and is ideal for large scale microbiological water quality testing in remote locations and disaster settings.

Chapel Hill, NC – Aquagenx, a provider of innovative microbiological water quality testing products that detect potential health risks, has released a new version of its Compartment Bag Test (CBT) called the CBT II Kit. The CBT II Kit is the most portable water quality test for E. coli bacteria available for quantitative on-site testing in low resource, remote and disaster settings. It is designed for anyone to use with little training no matter where they are located.

CBT II-2The CBT II Kit includes 50 water quality tests for E. coli bacteria. Kit components include: 50 Aquagenx compartment bags; 50 chromogenic E. coli test buds; 50 100 mL Whirl-Pak Thio Bags for sample collection; and a plastic seal clip.

Perfect for packing and traveling in rural, remote and low resource locations, supplies from the CBT II Kit are easily and compactly stashed in field kits and backpacks. Because of its smaller volume, the CBT II Kit also reduces shipping costs for customers.

Both Aquagenx products, the CBT I Kit and CBT II Kit, detect and quantify the Most Probable Number (MPN) of E. coli bacteria in a 100 mL water sample according to World Health Organization recommendations for water quality testing. Optimized for on-site testing in-the-field, CBT Kits are practical for widespread use in the developing world and low resource and disaster areas.

“We listened to customer feedback about water quality testing in-the-field, and incorporated that feedback into the new CBT II Kit,” says Lisa Hirsh at Aquagenx. “Customers need a water quality test kit that packs and stores virtually flat, and provides greater convenience for water quality testing in remote and disaster locations. The CBT II Kit fulfills these needs and is conducive to large scale testing programs.”

Continues Hirsh, “Customers also told us it is more cost effective for them to source liquid bleach locally for sample disinfection, so we removed chlorine tablets from the CBT II Kit.  Aquagenx is very responsive to our customers and we’re excited to solve some of their problems with the CBT II Kit.”

Aquagenx microbiological water quality test kits provide major advantages over other portable water quality tests and remove all barriers to water quality testing where it was previously too difficult, impractical and costly. CBT Kits are lab–free, electricity-free and cold chain-free. The Aquagenx chromogenic E. coli growth medium works at variable temperatures and does not require constant temperature control in an electric incubator. No extra, cumbersome equipment is needed for the CBT. Anyone can open CBT Kit boxes and run tests no matter who or where they are.

The CBT was recognized by the U.S. Water Partnership as an Exemplary U.S. Water Technology, received a USAID Pioneers Prize Honorable Mention and a LAUNCH Water Innovation Prize. The test was also featured in the USAID 2013 Innovations Catalog.

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About Aquagenx:

Aquagenx provides innovative water quality testing products that detect potential health risks, and help eliminate waterborne diseases and the millions of annual deaths caused by water contaminated by fecal bacteria.

The Compartment Bag Test (CBT) was developed by Dr. Mark D. Sobsey at the University of North Carolina Gillings School of Global Public Health. Aquagenx is the spin-off company out of the University of North Carolina to commercialize the CBT.

The CBT has versatile applications in low resource and disaster settings for water quality testing by individuals in developing countries, government agencies, the military, NGOs, humanitarian response organizations, water utilities and disaster/emergency responders. The test is also effective for agricultural and recreational waters and private wells.