Customer Stories

The International Federation of Red Cross deployed the Aquagenx CBT to Malaysia following severe flooding. Read more

Engineers Without Borders Los Angeles uses CBT Kit to test catchment basin in remote Tanzanian village. Read more

Millennium Water Alliance and WaterAid use CBT for water supply research in Nicaragua. Read more


CH2M volunteer uses CBT Kit to test water supply of school in Kenya. Read more


Aguaconsult uses CBT Kit to test rural village water supplies in Myanmar. Read more

Engineers Without Borders Boston uses CBT Kit to support water supply projects in rural Tanzania. Read more

Clear Cambodia

Clear Cambodia has success with CBT Kit in School WASH Project. Read more


Helioz uses CBT Kit to validate effectiveness of its WADI device. Read more



WaterAid Australia uses the Aquagenx CBT Kit for E. coli with the mWater mobile app in Papua New Guineau. Read More


The Red Cross-Red Crescent Movement switches to CBT for monitoring and disaster response. Read more

CBT E. coli Kit in Large Scale Surveys

The World Bank diagnostic of water, sanitation, hygiene, and poverty in the Democratic Republic of Congo. Read more

Haiti Outreach Uses CBT Kit with mWater mobile app for national water survey in Haiti. Read more

USAID supported Demographic Health Survey in Peru. Read more

Customer Testimonials

“The Aquagenx CBT is perfect for large field surveys and pairs very well with the mWater platform. Together, the CBT Kit and the mWater app provide a very simple workflow that reduces training time, equipment cost and sophistication, and testing turn-around time.”

Brian Jensen
Haiti Outreach

“The CBT lets us mobilize resources and make informed decisions very quickly in the face of a disaster. We will continue to use the CBT in other disaster settings because of its ease of use and handling, low cost and efficiency.”

Jay Matta
International Federation of Red Cross

““The Aquagenx CBT is the best water quality test on the market for this type of study. It’s easy to use, easy to transport and easy to interpret test results. The CBT is ideal for onsite testing in remote areas because it provides reliable results and doesn’t require specialized knowledge or equipment to use. It has a small number of incubation requirements so it’s very flexible in low resource areas.”

Ryan Schweitzer

“We will absolutely continue using the CBT. It’s a great test because it’s easy to use, provides test results quickly and requires very few materials.”

Juri Wawra

The CBT Kit provides quick turnaround time on results, is easily transported and is easy to use in sample preparation. In addition to its low cost and rapid results, the portability of the CBT is a benefit, along with its simplicity of use.

Bill Clunie
Engineers Without Borders Boston

“I would recommend the CBT to anyone who needs to perform microbiological testing on groundwater, surface or drinking water, and needs to do this accurately, inexpensively and simply. The CBT Kit offers the same level of accuracy as laboratory analysis at a fraction of the cost, and without the additional steps and hassle of transporting the samples to the lab. Being able to read the results immediately after incubation within 24 hours is a huge benefit.”

Dave Robbins
RTI International

“The CBT is easy to use, especially for carrying out water testing in-the-field where anyone can use it with little training”

Risyana Sukarma
Yayasan Tirta Indonesia Mandiri

“The CBT is easy-to-use, and is a great, simple way to measure the presence of bacteria in the raw water samples in Haiti. It was easy to pack and easy to carry around to collect the water samples during my trip. I would recommend this test for use in any third world country.”

Amanda Costello
Purdue University

“WaterAid’s use of the Aquagenx CBT Kit in the Asia and Pacific regions has been very successful and has greatly improved WaterAid’s water quality monitoring capacity. Our staff and partners like the simplicity of the CBT Kit and the fact that anyone can undertake E. coli testing with very basic training and capacity.”

Tim Davis
WaterAid Australia

“The CBT should be adopted for standard water quality testing practices and disaster response within the Red Cross/Red Crescent movement and used by all member societies working in a water supply capacity. The CBT’s speed, convenience and quantitative test results add value to water quality investigations and validate projects and programs, It is simple to use on-site in remote locations, and its color-change test results are an excellent way of raising water quality awareness for local communities.”

Stuart Bryan
International Federation of Red Cross

“Being able to perform our own reliable quantitative testing saved our organization time and money. We will continue to use the CBT because we routinely test water sources for the presence of E. coli, and we now prefer to have a clear, quantitative understanding of the magnitude of fecal contamination.”

Ted Barlow
Operation Blessing International

“The CBT builds trust for our beneficiaries by providing evidence that makes them confident our water filters generate safe drinking water. Because of its efficiency, it enables our staff to test water on-site rather than having to collect samples to be sent to a lab. We’ll continue using the CBT as our ongoing microbiological water quality test because it helps us guarantee the quality of water and tells us which waters are safe and which are not.”

Vann Chhorvy Vanny
Clear Cambodia

“We will absolutely continue using the CBT in our projects to test for E. coli. It’s very easy to use, and even the village children in Tanzania learned to use it! The CBT is cheap, reliable, easy to transport and easy to understand.”

Pedro Piqueras
Engineers Without Borders Los Angeles

“The CBT Kit’s quantified test results give us the data we need and guides our thinking about disinfection effectiveness.It is simple to use on-site in remote locations.”

Paul Berg

“The CBT is the only product I’ve found that is suited for water quality testing in the Amazon. No temperature control or laboratory are needed, two things that do not exist in rural communities of the Amazon.”

Lia Brune
University of Colorado Boulder