Field technicians, health workers, NGOs, humanitarian relief organizations and governments use smartphones to collect, map, track and share Aquagenx CBT water quality data in real time
Chapel Hill, NC –  Aquagenx, LLC is excited to announce its portable water quality test for E. coli bacteria, the Compartment Bag Test (CBT), is supported by the mWater Mobile App. mWater is a free, open source data platform for managing projects in water, sanitation and health. It uses smartphone GPS and cameras to map and monitor anything, perform mobile surveys and share test results in real time.

Using the Aquagenx CBT with the mWater mobile app simplifies water quality data collection and sharing without needing complex testing and data collection systems, especially in low resource, rural and disaster/emergency areas without labs and electricity.

Aquagenx CBT features in mWater let users with smartphones and tablets:

• Automatically calculate Aquagenx CBT water sample test results – Most Probable Number (MPN) of E. coli in 100 mL sample
• Automatically calculate Upper 95% Confidence Interval of sample
• Automatically calculate World Health Organization Health Risk Category of sample
• Share test results in real time
• Create maps and visualizations of Aquagenx CBT water quality data
• Geocode test results with smartphone GPS
• Create your own surveys using the Aquagenx CBT or use mWater’s built-in surveys
• Combine test results with other survey questions

The mWater mobile app is available in three ways:

• Free download for Android in Google Play Store
• Free download for iPhone in iOS App Store
• Free web-based app for any other device with a modern web browser

Water quality mobile data collection and sharing are easily accomplished with the Aquagenx CBT and mWater integration. Each water point tested with the Aquagenx CBT is identified by a globally unique number in the mWater app. The Aquagenx CBT’s quantified, actionable test results for the E. colicontamination level and health risk category of each water point are automatically shared with 8000+ global organizations who use mWater through its open source platform.

“WaterAid’s use of the Aquagenx CBT in the Asia and Pacific regions has greatly improved
E .coli monitoring within our programs,” says Tim Davis, Performance and Impact Monitoring Advisor at WaterAid Australia. “Our staff and partners like the simplicity of the CBT and the fact that anyone can undertake E. coli testing with very basic training and capacity.”

Davis continues, “Integration of the Aquagenx CBT with mWater simplifies E. coli monitoring even further and allows our staff and NGO partners to digitally track water quality and water safety in real time. The mWater system allows CBT test results to be shared in a timely manner in an accessible format, increasing use of the information to inform program decisions around water quality.”

Read more about the Aquagenx CBT’s integration with the mWater Mobile App:

About the Aquagenx CBT:

The Aquagenx Compartment Bag Test (CBT), is a simple, portable water quality test for E. coli bacteria that generates quantified, easy-to-score, color-change test results. It is ideal for on-site testing in low resource, rural and disaster/emergency areas. No electricity, laboratories, cold chain, expensive equipment or skilled technicians are required to use the CBT. CBT Kits are used throughout the world by NGOs, humanitarian relief agencies, governments, private companies, universities and agricultural operations.