MilitaryTroops and Special Operations Forces in the field cannot run the risk of drinking contaminated water. They need a portable, easy way to test raw water sources and treated water supplies for E. coli bacterial contamination to sustain their health, safety and ability to serve.

Because of their strenuous activity in harsh and dangerous environments, staying sufficiently hydrated is paramount. Care of the sick and wounded with safe drinking water is also a crucial necessity no matter the location.

Bottled water has become prevalent among troops, but bottled water is expensive, decreases mobility and increases security risks and waste. Even with portable water purification systems, water should be tested for quality before and after purification for bacterial contamination to ensure it does not present a health risk.

Portable, Tactical Water Quality Test Kit for E. Coli Bacteria

The CBT Kit is a tactical water quality test for the military to detect and quantify E. coli bacteria in drinking water to determine if water poses a health risk. It is used by military field operations and medical support personnel to evaluate water sources and supplies to ensure drinking water is safe and free from bacteriological contamination.

No electricity, cold chain, laboratories, extra, bulky equipment or skilled technicians are needed to use the CBT. It is simple for anyone to use in any low resource and disaster setting.

  • Leaves a small footprint – light weight, portable, compact
  • Enables ambient temperature incubation at 25°C and above
  • Eliminates need for electricity, laboratories, cold chain
  • Eliminates need for cumbersome, extra equipment such as UV lamps
  • Enables bacteriological water quality testing in any location
  • Increases mobility
  • Reduces logistics, expense and waste of bottled water