HumTech2015 LogoAquagenx is exhibiting the Compartment Bag Test (CBT) at Humanitarian Technology: Science, Systems and Global Impact 2015

May 12-14, 2015

Cambridge, Massachusetts


In the wake of a disaster, sewage, septage and animal waste are E. coli sources that find their way into drinking water. Waterborne illness caused by E. coli bacteria wreak even greater havoc on populations already suffering and displaced from the disaster itself.

In the aftermath of a disaster, there is often no power, electricity, transportation infrastructure or time to send drinking water samples to a laboratory for testing. Drinking water tests must be done wherever and whenever they’re needed, without the benefits of electricity, power and other resources.

The CBT is ideal for water quality testing in disaster areas because testing is done on-site without needing electricity, labs or incubators. It’s simple to use. Quantified test results for E. coli in a 100 mL water sample are generated in 24 hours.

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