Butyl Products, Ltd. to distribute Aquagenx portable water quality test kit in Africa, Europe, Middle East
Press Release

Chapel Hill, NC – Aquagenx, LLC, maker of groundbreaking portable water quality test kits used throughout the world, has announced an exciting partnership with Butyl Products Ltd. Butyl Products will distribute the Aquagenx Compartment Bag Test (CBT) for E. coli bacteria in Africa, the Middle East and Europe.

The CBT E. coli Kit is a revolutionary water quality test that removes barriers to on-site microbiological water quality testing where it was previously too difficult, impractical and costly. It changes the landscape for field level testing because it is a simple test anyone can use and is designed for low resource, rural and disaster/emergency areas. The CBT enables ambient temperature incubation at 25 degrees Celsius and above and works at variable temperatures without requiring constant temperature control in an incubator.

The new partnership between Aquagenx and Butyl Products is timely. There is an urgent need for microbiological water quality tests that are easy to use and transport in areas within poor, developing countries without electricity, laboratory access and highly trained technicians. The distribution partnership with Butyl will provide ready access to Aquagenx’s groundbreaking water quality tests to customers in Africa, Europe and the Middle East.

Ongoing water quality monitoring is critical as millions of people around the world die every year due to drinking water contaminated by fecal pathogens. One in ten people do not have clean water. Hundreds of thousands of children under age five die annually from diarrheal disease due to contaminated drinking water. Billions of people use a water source contaminated with fecal matter.

“At Butyl Products we are always looking for new innovative products to add to our existing range of water testing equipment, and the CBT Kits from Aquagenx are a perfect fit. Being able to provide a simple test for disaster and emergency areas, in remote locations is a major factor in supporting the aid agencies globally. We are pleased to have Aquagenx as our supply partner and we are looking forward to assisting NGOs from our strategically placed locations in Africa,” says Craig Ball, Sales Director at Butyl Products Ltd.

“Aquagenx is thrilled to work with Butyl Products Ltd. This will benefit customers and expand water quality testing around the world, especially in countries where it is most needed” says Lisa Hirsh, Director of Sales and Marketing at Aquagenx. “The distributorship helps fulfill demand for easier access to the CBT E. coli Kit in locations where on-site water quality testing programs and projects actually take place.”

About Aquagenx

Aquagenx provides portable water quality testing products that are easy to use with little training for on-site testing in low resource, rural and disaster/emergency areas. The Compartment Bag Test Kit for E. coli does not require labs, electricity or expensive, cumbersome equipment. The CBT E. coli Kit enables ambient temperature incubation at 25° Celsius and above and works at variable temperature. It quantifies the Most Probable Number (MPN) of E. coli in a 100 mL water sample by easy color-match.

About Butyl Products Ltd.

Butyl Products Ltd. has been a global leader in providing a large portfolio of emergency relief equipment for humanitarian aid for more than 40 years. The Aquagenx CBT E. coli Kit joins their offerings for water testing kits and equipment. Headquartered in the United Kingdom. Butyl Products’ distribution network provides the CBT E. coli Kit 50-Pack that includes 50 samples.

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