• Conduct Ongoing Microbial<br/>Water Quality Monitoring
    Conduct Ongoing Microbial
    Water Quality Monitoring
    Portable, self-contained, simple and easy to use.
    Just open the box and run tests.
  • Ensure Safe Water in<br/>Developing Countries
    Ensure Safe Water in
    Developing Countries
    Help eliminate 2 million annual deaths due to contaminated
    drinking water without needing electricity, cold chains, labs or technicians.
  • Test Water in Disaster Settings<br/>On-the-Spot
    Test Water in Disaster Settings
    Quickly and easily test drinking water for E. coli on-the-spot
    and onsite after a disaster without sending samples to a lab.
  • Protect Troops from<br/>Contaminated Water
    Protect Troops from
    Contaminated Water
    A portable, lightweight, compact and easy way for troops
    and special operations forces to test raw, local water sources anywhere.
  • Provide Clean, Safe<br/>Water for Livestock
    Provide Clean, Safe
    Water for Livestock
    Whether at the point of use or at the source, easily test your livestock’s
    drinking water for E. coli bacteria with our portable water test kit that’s
    easy for anyone to use.
  • Comply with Produce Safety<br/>Rules for Crop Irrigation
    Comply with Produce Safety
    Rules for Crop Irrigation
    The go-to solution for simple, portable testing of irrigation water
    to prevent food borne illness and disease due to E. coli in water.
  • Prevent Bacterial Contamination<br/>
in Private Well Water
    Prevent Bacterial Contamination
    in Private Well Water
    Keep families and communities healthy and free from
    bacterial contamination with a simple test you can do yourself
    without a lab or complicated equipment.
  • Keep Everyone Safe and Healthy<br/>
in Natural Recreational Water
    Keep Everyone Safe and Healthy
    in Natural Recreational Water
    Avoid E. coli outbreaks that can result in illness or tragedy
    with a microbial test that’s done onsite from A-Z with
    no electricity, refrigeration or labs


Simple, Portable Water Quality Test

The Aquagenx Compartment Bag Test (CBT) is a simple, portable water quality test that lets anyone, anywhere determine if drinking water contains E. coli bacteria and poses a health risk.

No electricity, cold chain, laboratories, trained technicians or extra, expensive equipment are needed to use the CBT. Water quality testing and monitoring are done in a few steps that generate quantified, easy-to-score, color change results.

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Is Water Safe to Drink?

Everyone in the world deserves to know if their water is safe. Use the CBT in any setting, anywhere to test and monitor water quality.

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Applications for the CBT

Developing Countries & NGOs
Developing Countries & NGOs

Eliminate death and disease due to contaminated drinking water with ongoing water quality monitoring.

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Disaster Settings
Disaster Settings

Quickly and easily test drinking water for E. coli on-the-spot without electricity, transportation or labs.

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Improve mobility and protect good health with portable testing of raw, local water sources in any setting.

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Ensure safe water for crop irrigation and livestock to prevent food borne illnesses caused by E. coli.

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Private Wells

Test wells for E. coli bacteria onsite with a simple, easy-to-use test without sending samples to a lab.

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Recreational Water

Protect everyone from E. coli in natural waters with a test you can run onsite right out of the box.

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