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NEW! French and Spanish Translations for CBT EC+TC Kits

We are now happy to provide translations of Aquagenx CBT EC+TC Kit instructions in French and Spanish. These translations will help many customers around the world use our test kits more easily.. To download French and Spanish translations, visit the...

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Akvo and Water Quality

One of our company's valuable partners is Akvo Foundation. The Aquagenx CBT EC+TC Kit is supported on the Akvo Caddisfly smart phone app. Akvo helps provide safe water for all by assisting organizations and governments to continuously monitor water point functionality...

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CBT EC+TC Kits Used for Testing Surface and Waste Waters

In addition to drinking water quality testing, our customers also use the Aquagenx CBT EC+TC Kit for water quality testing of streams, rivers, marine/sea waters and even waste water.  The CBT EC+TC MPN Kit is easily adapted for more contaminated waters...

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