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Intermittent Contamination of Wells and Boreholes

Water quality in wells and boreholes changes and they are potentially vulnerable to intermittent fecal contamination. Here's how: Fluctuations due to rainfall and rainfall runoff into source waters and groundwater Contaminated surface water and/or...

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Environmentally Friendly Water Quality Test Kits

Aquagenx water quality test kits reduce waste. They are environmentally friendly - and economical - for presence/absence or quantitative testing of 100 mL water samples. Other tests for 100 mL sample analysis generate at least as much or more waste than...

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Why Simplicity Matters for Field Testing

Ongoing, routine water quality testing is crucial for developing and sustaining WASH systems and services and water safety planning. Complex testing methods that require extensive capacity, resources, time and training risk sacrificing institutional and...

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