Aquagenx CBT EC+TC Kit

Easier, Faster E. coli Test Results in the Field

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The CBT EC+TC Kit is simple and easy to use to detect E. coli and total coliform bacteria in the field.

It does not need electricity, a lab, cold chain or expensive, complicated equipment or intensive training.

See how our CBT EC+TC Kits compare to other P/A and MPN tests for E. coli and total coliforms.

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Aquagenx® CBT EC+TC P/A Kit

Aquagenx® CBT EC+TC MPN Kit

IDEXX Colilert

UNICEF MICS Water Quality Test

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Aquagenx® CBT

Wells in Trays
or Plates

Membrane Filtration Methods  Multiple Tube
Testing method Presence/Absence (P/A) and Most Probable Number (MPN) Most Probable Number (MPN) with Presence/Absence (P/A) versions Colony Forming Units (CFU) Most Probable Number (MPN)
Microbial indicator E. coli and total coliforms E. coli and total coliforms Depends on product/system: Thermotolerant (fecal) Coliforms; E. coli Depends on…
Usability Easy for anyone to use, designed for field testing. No color comparators are required, color-change test results easy to identify. Requires intensive training. Color comparator needed for P/A tests results. Requires intensive training, challenging to use for field testing Requires intensive training…
Portability Lightweight, easy to carry and transport Lab use only Can be heavy and/or cumbersome, multiple components Lab use only
Incubation Ambient temperature incubation >25° Celsius Requires incubator and temperature control Requires incubator and temperature control Requires incubator and temperature control
Components Aquagenx EC+TC medium, Thio-Bag, Aquagenx Compartment Bag for MPN testing, Seal Clip for MPN testing, UV flashlight (365nm) for total coliform detection Requires multiwell trays, tray comparator, rubber insert, and special plate sealer for MPN results, 6-watt UV lamp for E. coli detection in some samples, color comparator for P/A results, rigid sample containers Filter and funnel apparatus, vacuum system (vacuum flask and vacuum source, typically an electrical pump or a vacuum line in a lab) or large syringe, culture plates, petri dishes, gridded membrane filters, multiple measuring devices, absorbent pads, volume dispensers (e.g., sterile pipettes and/or graduated cylinders or centrifuge tubes with volume marks), tweezers, heat source to flame tweezers  ???

Easy, small number of steps. No color comparators required
Determine E. coli results in ambient light
Determine total coliform results that are negative for E. coli with UV flashlight

P/A testing: use color comparator to obtain  total coliform results, use UV light to obtain E. coli results
MPN testing: tray and rubber insert preparation, sealer procedure, controlled incubation procedure…

Time consuming with multiple steps: equipment set-up and preparation, culture media preparation (or costly sterile media in ampoules), sterilization of multiple pieces of equipment ???
Growth medium storage Store at 10-25° Celsius in a dry environment, refrigeration is optional Store at 2-30° Celsius Requires refrigeration and cold chain Requires refrigeration and cold chain
Post-test disposables and reusables No reusables to clean or sterilize. To decontaminate sample, add liquid bleach or chlorine tablets to Thio-Bag or Compartment Bag. Or, treat with heat >60°C. After 30 minutes, pour contents into a sink, toilet or hole in ground and safely dispose the bags. ??? Disposables: Petri dishes (and possibly sample collection bag, large syringe for pulling a vacuum, disposable pipettes and disposable graduated centrifuge tubes) that must be decontaminated prior to disposal (e.g., with heat >60 degrees C or free chlorine). Reusables: Multiple materials and equipment that require decontamination, cleaning and sterilization (e.g., filter apparatus, pipettes and/or graduated cylinders, vacuum flask, sample collection bottles, etc.) ???

GEL EC Kit Components

E. coli Medium

Aquagenx E. coli medium for GEL test dissolves quickly

Whirl-Pak Thio-Bag

100 mL Whirl-Pak Thio-Bag for sample collection 

GEL Powder

GEL powder makes sample gelatinous


GEL bag holds the sample during incubation period