Agricultural Water

Studies show agricultural water is a major risk factor in the contamination of fresh produce. Potential pathogens that cause food borne illnesses and deadly outbreaks can enter agricultural waters at the source, or distribution points or point of use.

The US FDA Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA) Produce Safety Rule regulates water quality testing for E. coli bacteria. No detectable E. coli are allowed for certain uses of agricultural water that might be transferred to produce through direct or indirect contact.

Produce Safety Water Quality Testing with the CBT Kit

The Aquagenx CBT is a simple, portable, quantitative water quality test for E. coli that is ideal for on-site testing in the field. The CBT easily lets anyone open the box and run tests to measure the concentration of E. coli in a 100 mL water sample. It generates easy-to score, color-change test results to help you make informed decisions about water quality.

Use the CBT Kit for routine sampling to:


  • Self-monitor your system’s water quality to avoid non-compliance issues with the Produce Safety Rule
  • Supplement certified lab testing
  • Prevent operational and productivity problems
  • Understand trends in water quality
  • Predict contamination outcomes
  • Plan for water treatments.