Versatile Microbial Water Test Kit


The CBT is the ideal test for on-site water quality testing in-the-field and in any low resource setting.

No other commercially available microbiological water test kit provides the same advantages as the CBT for a variety of applications:

  • Portable – compact and lightweight
  • Simple – anyone can use with little training
  • Convenient – no electricity, incubators, labs, cold chain, extra equipment or specialized technicians required
  • Flexible – Aquagenx E. coli growth medium works at variable temperatures, no constant temperature control required during incubation period
  • Informative – provides quantitative, color-coded test results, the Most Probable Number (MPN) of E. coli in a 100 mL water sample

Remove Obstacles to Water Quality Testing with the CBT

The CBT removes barriers to on-site testing in-the-field, remote areas and low resource settings. It can be used by anyone no matter where they are. Other portable water quality tests are too complex, cumbersome, technically demanding and costly, preventing water quality monitoring where it is most needed. Laboratories are often inaccessible or unavailable in remote locations and disaster areas.

Simplify Water Quality Testing with the CBT

Improved water ≠ safe water.  Water sources must be regularly monitored for water quality to ensure water remains safe to drink and to teach populations to adapt behaviors that keep water uncontaminated.

Just open the CBT Kit box and run water quality tests no matter where you are to easily obtain quantified test results.

The CBT meets World Health Organization water quality recommendations for indicator organism (E. coli) and sample volume (100 mL).

Cost Effective and Value Laden

  • Eliminates costs for electricity, cold chain, sample transportation, lab sample analysis and processing, specialized technicians
  • Removes requirements for supporting equipment or materials
  • Removes need to clean and sterilize reusable testing components
  • Reduces test waste for decontamination and disposal
  • Allows individuals and communities to make informed decisions about water safety and quality

Validated Around the World

The CBT is used in numerous countries in a wide range of conditions, including low resource settings without electricity or cold chain, difficult terrain and little-to-no infrastructure.

Tested extensively by independent  parties against other standard testing methods, the CBT gives results on par with more complicated, expensive and less portable tests.

Our customers have used tens of thousands of CBTs in-the-field where they obtain similar, successful results.

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