Versatile Microbial Water Testing Kit


The CBT is the ideal test for on-site water quality testing in-the-field.

No other commercially available microbial water test kit provides the same convenience, simplicity and portability as the CBT Kit for a variety of applications:

  • Portable – compact and lightweight
  • Simple – anyone can use with little training
  • Convenient – no electricity, incubators, labs, cold chain, extra equipment or specialized technicians required
  • Flexible – E. coli growth medium works at variable temperatures, no constant temperature control required

Removes Barriers to Testing In the Field

Barriers to on-site and field testing are overcome with the CBT. Other water quality tests are too complex, cumbersome, technically demanding and costly, which has greatly hindered field testing and ongoing water quality monitoring where they are most needed.

A fundamental requirement in ensuring access to safe drinking water in any setting is the ability to test and monitor the quality of the water coming from any water source, before and after improvement (treatment) and during storage and use. The CBT lets you do that, easily.

Simplifies Ongoing Water Quality Monitoring

All the investment in the world to improve water access does not help if water is not regularly monitored for quality to ensure it remains safe to drink and to teach populations to adapt behaviors that keep water uncontaminated.

Just because water looks clean does not mean it is safe to drink and does not guarantee water is free of bacteria that causes illness, disease and death. If you need to know water is truly safe to drink, the CBT is the test you need.

  • Meets World Health Organization recommended sample size and indicator organism for  water quality testing with 100 mL sample for E. coli
  • Completes testing in a few simple steps
  • Generates easy-to-score, visual, color change results
  • Works in-the-field and on-site in low resource and disaster settings
  • Works at variable temperatures
  • Enables ambient incubation between 25-44°C
  • Provides complete supplies and built-in decontamination

Cost Effective and Value Laden

  • Eliminates costs for electricity, cold chain, sample transportation, lab sample analysis and proecessing, specialized technicians
  • Removes requirements for supporting equipment or materials
  • Removes need to clean and sterilize reusable testing components
  • Reduces test waste for decontamination and disposal
  • Allows individuals and communities to make informed decisions about water safety and quality

Validated Around the World

The CBT is used in numerous countries in a wide range of conditions, including low resource settings without electricity or cold chain, difficult terrain and little-to-no infrastructure.

Tested extensively by independent  parties against other standard testing methods, the CBT gives results on par with more complicated, expensive and less portable tests.

Our customers have used tens of thousands of CBTs in-the-field where they obtain similar, successful results.

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