Developing Countries and NGOs

Indian Villager

Drinking water in developing countries is rarely monitored for quality. The CBT makes this easy, anywhere.
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Disaster Settings

Flood1When disaster hits, it’s essential to test water quality for fecal bacteria. Use the CBT on-the-spot without electricity or labs. Learn more→


Irrigation2Testing for E. coli in water for crops and animals is a must for food safety. The CBT is an easy test farmers can do themselves.
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MilitaryTroops must test raw water sources for E. coli bacteria. The CBT is a portable, compact test that increases safety and mobility. Learn more→

Natural Recreational Water

Natural Rec Water

E. coli outbreaks in natural recreational waters are dangerous. Health departments can use the CBT onsite to avoid health risks. Learn more→

Private Wells

Private WellsPrivate wells are not regulated by government. Well owners can use the CBT  to ensure water is free of fecal bacteria. Learn more→